Electrician in Darwin

Half the Hassle, all the difference
From general electrical work to complete house overhauls, we can help. We can install lights, fans, alarms and specialty equipment fast and efficiently. Plus, we can help you correct any existing electrical issues too.
Air Conditioner
If the heat has you beat, your air conditioner might need some help. With one call to us, we can inspect your unit, see why it’s not working as it should, and fix any problems so you can beat the heat.
Solar Panel
Solar power is one of the most efficient ways to cut costs. We can help to design and install residential, commercial and industrial solar systems to meet your needs.

Electrical Services Specialists

Founded in 2013, No Hassall’s Electrical & Airconditioning is a premier service provider in Yarrawonga and surrounding areas. From electrical issues to air conditioning issues and even solar-powered installations, we’ve got the experience, equipment and products to keep you comfortable all year long.

No job is too big for us! From small residential jobs to massive industrial projects, we can help. We are licensed, insured and follow all quality standards to ensure the job is done right the first time.
Electrical Tools — Electrician in Northern Territory

Why Choose Us

We’ve been servicing the Yarrawonga area since 2013. During that time, we’ve built an excellent reputation that we are not willing to sacrifice. As such, we provide exceptional customer service with prices that are hard to beat. All of our employees will treat you with respect, work efficiently and ensure 100% satisfaction before the job is complete. Our motto is: half the hassle, all the difference.



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